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Soft, luxurious, and comforting

Carpet is an ideal flooring choice for any home, office, or recreational room. It provides a level of comfort that makes it perfect in bedrooms, living rooms, basements, and more. It also offers unlimited style options, patterns, colors, and pile heights for any look.

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Why choose carpet?

Carpet has come a long way! Today, carpet is one of the most hypoallergenic solution for your home, trapping allergens and preventing them from escaping into the air. They can then easily be vacuumed up. A frequently vacuumed carpet improves air quality! Today's carpet products are also manufactured with enhanced stain resistance, making them more family-friendly and durable. There are also many styles to choose from, whether you're looking for a modern look or something more traditional. 

Carpet types

Cut pile features sheared strands. It’s the most popular type of carpet and comes in a variety of lengths and thicknesses. When selecting cut pile, be sure to look at the twist. The tighter and heavier the twist, the more resilient and durable the carpet will be. Frieze is a style of cut pile that gives the carpet a luxurious feel along with a style that’s less formal.

Loop pile, in contrast, features fiber that is not sheared; rather, it features tight twisted loops that resist matting and crushing while creating unique patterns and texture. When choosing loop pile, be aware of pulled loops, which can snag and damage your carpet.

Cut & loop pile seamlessly blends both sheared and looped strands for an intricate and unique look that features plenty of texture. This style is often used to create patterned looks.

Carpet styles

Saxony – Long, plush pile with extra twists in each fiber. This is the style that comes to mind for most people when they think of carpet.

Plush – Shorter pile with a soft, velvety appearance. It often displays tracking from footprints and vacuuming.

Frieze – Also known as shag, with a less formal appearance. Provides a more luxurious feel and style to a room.

Level loop – A simple, repeated loop for a uniform carpet surface. It doesn’t show footprints and is ideal for offices and rooms with high traffic.

Sisal – A textured loop, made in straight rows. It comes in a variety of patterns and textures.

Berber – Often characterized by chunky loops, originally popularized in commercial settings.

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Shaw carpet | Village Custom Interiors
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